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Apple and Spotify are thought-about to be 2 of the most players at intervals in the podcasting market. And now, Substack – the favored subscription report service – seems to be staking a claim for a bite of the audio content cherry. This text can show you ways to make a Substack podcast and justify the advantages.

As you’ll already know, podcasting on Substack isn’t a brand new thing. The platform unrolled its podcast product back in 2019. An associate degree created it attainable for creators to enrich their newsletters with audio content. The thought looks to own worked reasonably well, serving to Substack reach one thousand thousand paying subscribers by Nov 2021.

Now, Substack seems to be rolling out its podcasting feature on a broader scale, creating it more accessible for content creators to launch their podcasts and grow an audience of listeners.

There’s conjointly the chance of commerce podcasts hosted on alternative platforms to Substack and welcoming existing followers to become subscribers on Substack.

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However, to produce a Substack Podcast Works.

You’ll be able to begin and host your podcast on Substack entirely for free. Equally, to having a Substack newsletter, you can prefer to place all of your podcasts behind a paywall, charge for a few episodes, or have subscribers listen while not setting. Non-paying subscribers can solely hear free podcasts, whereas premium subscribers get access to everything.

Substack provides all the tools and resources you would like to make your podcast, record episodes, and move with subscribers. You’ll be able to either produce a podcast channel from scratch on Substack or migrate an existing one that’s hosted elsewhere. Once live, Substack users can buy your podcast similarly to how they’d once sign language up for newsletters.

Listeners can realize your podcasts via the Substack iOS app or the Substack website, or perhaps hear podcasts within the newsletters they receive from you. It’s attainable to distribute non-paywalled podcasts on alternative podcasting platforms your subscribers utilize via RSS feed. This embrace Spotify, Apple, Overcast, and Pocket Casts. You’ll be able to conjointly send a non-public RSS feed to paying subscribers, enabling them to play your podcast episodes in any various player they choose.

In terms of analytics, Substack also permits you to stay up on stats concerning the consumption of your podcasts. You’ll be able to see what’s happening by viewing your Episodes list found within the Podcast tab on the most dashboard. This table shows the number of downloads, paying subscribers generated per episode, and every episode’s publication date.

You’ll also be able to realize data on the countries wherever folks are listening from and what players they’re victimization to consume your podcasts. In addition, you’ll be able to probe individual stats for every episode to search out more elaborated information resembling click-through rate and listen times.

What quantity are you able to Earn from produce a Substack Podcast?

In terms of earnings from your podcasts, the revenue breakdown is just about the equivalent of newsletters. Substack will claim 10% of all revenue generated by your podcast. You may keep the remaining 90%, minus any group action fees involving Stripe, which is the payment service utilized by Substack.

Advantages to produce a Substack Podcast

Consistent with a diary post printed by Substack regarding the new feature, Substack is trying to create the podcasting expertise a lot of immersive. Substack says listeners won’t merely be treated like transfer numbers. Instead, it’ll enable you to make an area where you and your listeners are ready to connect deeper through comments, replies, discussions, and show notes. On prime of that, Substack says hosting podcasts on its platform will give a couple of distinctive perks:

Full Content possession to produce a Substack Podcast

With Substack podcasting, you keep all rights to your printed content. It means you’ll be able to prefer to re-publish your podcasts on the other platform of your choosing and retain complete management of the content.

Suppose any of your podcasts are chosen by a third-party entity for media diversifications (such as movie, TV, or book deals). In that case, Substack won’t be aware of receiving any revenue from such sales.

Access to a Growing Audience

While Substack is alternatively shy about sharing consumer information, there’s proof that it has a fast-developing audience. Firstly, the wide variety of paying subscribers stands at around one million, and Substack has skilled an exponential increase in regular energetic customers over the years.

Up to Q3 2021, SimilarWeb information cautioned that the internet site’s wide variety of month-to-month visits had risen to 24. five million, a boom of 6. five million over Q2. In this manner, your podcast can probably attain hundreds of thousands of listeners on Substack.

Complete management of subscriber listing

As with newsletters, Substack will let you have complete possession of your electronic mail listing. In this manner, you could export your subscriber listing to another platform you’re using or flow them away if deciding to go away Substack without penalty.

More Meaningful Connections

Podcasting on Substack pursuits to offer greater of a network aspect. You can, for example, begin dialogue threads or invite listeners to proportion their perspectives withinside the comments. In addition, listeners can interact without delay with podcast hosts on special episodes or with different customers. If you prefer, you could also select to make your podcast non-interactive.

Simplified Paywall System to produce a Substack Podcast

Substack makes it smooth and accessible for customers to turn out to be paying subscribers for your podcast. Substack claims that it’s miles the most effective podcasting host of its type, where “loose listeners can convert to paid subscribers in a single space.”

In addition, you’ve got got the ability to both place all of your podcast episodes at the back of a paywall or share a few content materials free. You also can start with a completely loose podcast that permits you to step by step develop your audience, after which deployation a paywall while ready.

More for Listeners

Listening to podcasts on Substack guarantees greater than the typical audio experience. Podcasters can also deal with their listeners to video content material and prolonged display notes, and more audio clips and essays, which are central to a more excellent enriched listening experience.

How to produce a Substack Podcast

Now that you realize what podcasting on Substack is all approximately, it’s time to find out how you could begin your podcast on the platform. Below are the stairs.

1. Create a Substack Account

If you have already got a Substack publication, you could pass to the following step. It is pretty smooth to get set up; you could both be a part of using your Twitter credentials or with an electronic mail address. After that, you virtually observe the commands to select a topic, outline your audience, and create an appropriate logo call.

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2. Create Your Podcast Channel

To create your first podcast on Substack, start with the aid of using going to the “Create” phase of your dashboard and clicking on the “New Episode” button. Click on “I’m beginning a brand new podcast” to start the setup process. You will then choose to provide your new podcast with a good call and description.

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3. Publish Your First Podcast

Publishing your first podcast can certainly take considered one direction. You can add a present audio document or document a wholly new episode in the Substack app. If you’re importing current files, it’s vital to realize that the platform helps the following document formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, x-m4a, aac, AIFF, x-AIFF, AMR, FLAC, Ogg, Wav, and x-wav.

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4. Add Show Notes

You can have the threat to write a few textual contents to explain what your podcast is approximate. If you electronic mail your podcasts to your publication subscribers, this article may be displayed because the display notes while regarded withinside the app.

5. Hit Publish

That’s it. Your podcast episode now stays, and you could begin sending it to your subscribers or proportion to different websites that host your podcasts.

Note: You can begin dispensing your Substack podcasts to different apps and Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or TuneIn. Each platform has exclusive steps, which can be mentioned here.

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Importing An Existing Podcast to Substack to produce a Substack Podcast

What in case you have already got a podcast out of doors of Substack and need to import them into your newsletters? You can try this as well. Here are the stairs involved:

Go to the dashboard and tap on the “Podcast” tab. Select “Get started,” observed with the aid of using “Import and present podcast.”

Next, find the URL in your RSS feed, replica, and paste it upon prompting. Click “Submit.”

The subsequent step is to study the episodes you need to import to Substack. Once happy with approximately the episodes chosen, select “Import all episodes.”

When the import method is complete, your podcast episodes will reside on the “Posts” tab to be accessed at any time. You may explore your new RSS feed link and submit it to your podcast directories. To find your new feed link, visit the “Podcasts” tab and click on “Settings.” Navigate to the “Import and Distribution” section to seek the instructions.

Also, to induce your recent listeners to start out following you on Substack, you’ll be able to have your previous podcast host directly to your new feed.

Substack Podcasting vs. Competing Podcast Platforms

In terms of direct competition, it’ll probably be a short while before Substack wars the massive guns similar to Spotify or Apple. Instead, their product is a lot in competition with the likes of Patreon, which offers a similar service.

Substack has already been able to tempt two well-known podcasts from Patreon – yank status. Therefore, the social unit – each of which proclaimed recently that they’d be connexion Substack once they cancel their Patreon accounts.

It’s not clear whether or not these moves are a result of Substack’s follow of paying creators money advances to hitch up through its Substack professional program. Substack doesn’t publically disclose such information.

In terms of the charm for podcasters to join Substack, there’s one factor that some media shops have highlighted. It can be the very fact that Substack will not without delay suppress disputable views. Whereas Patreon and similar alternative platforms often have tight pointers concerning the business enterprise of conspiracy theories involving COVID-19, Substack does not. Substack has given voice to many users prohibited from other websites for her anti-vax views.


Whether you’re an Associate in Nursing existing Substack creator or a podcaster on another service.

Searching for new ways to grow your audience, a Substack podcast could be the future best move. Not solely is it simple to start a Substack podcast; however, there’s a genuine risk of raising your exposure and increasing your earnings?

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