How to Publish Your Latest Post to Twitter


Publish Your Latest Post to Twitter: My lover has told the American state that she has been using Twitter as her RSS feed for six or eight months. She follows everybody she’s curious about and the links they supply via Twitter (whether to non-public or news blogs). She doesn’t use the other aggregator. Her expertise created me stop and assume: do all bloggers think to link their blogs to their Twitter accounts? Looking on wherever you’re in your social media journey, this could be a brand new plan for you. You’ll not remember the tools accessible to assist you in linking your accounts so readers, irrespective of wherever they are, can realize you.

Use Twitterfeed to Publish Your Latest Post to Twitter

Twitterfeed permits you to set it and forget it (wow, I hope that’s not proprietary by the Ronco guy–it’s with great care snappy). By associating your blog’s RSS and your Twitterfeed account, any time you publish a brand new article on your blog. The universal resource locator is shortened via and fed onto Twitter via your Twitter account (you may provide it to Facebook). In addition, the confirmation email I received said, “If you utilize Feedburner and have licensed their awareness API, then you’ll be able to additionally see those stats on your dashboard, creating it simple to match your ancient RSS distribution with Twitterfeed’s social distribution.” If you’re taking advantage of that feature, you’ll realize some fascinating correlations.

To line up a Twitterfeed account:

  • Attend
  • Complete the sign-up kind with an email address and password.
  • Opt for whether or not you’d like your feed to be sent to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Connect with the suitable account by clicking either the manifest Twitter (to Publish Your Latest Post to Twitter) or Connect with Facebook (to send your feed to Facebook) button.
  • Kind within the name of the feed you would like to send out.
  • Type in the universal resource locator of the feed you want to send out.
  • Click Update Feed.
  • If you like, you’ll be able to use the advanced settings on the line.

Update frequency (every thirty minutes, every hour, up to each day)
whether or not to incorporate the title and post a description
of that service to shorten your links (e.g.,, SnipURL, TinyURL, etc.)
post prefixes and suffixes

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Use TypePad to Publish Your Latest Post to Twitter

TypePad has recently undraped some new features to its software. One of those options permits you to Publish Your Latest Post to Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed as they’re published. To use this feature, you must link your TypePad account with those third-party social media tools. Attend Settings > Sharing and opt for the funds you would like to share your TypePad posts. Straight away, you’ll be able to solely share your posts with Twitter, Facebook, or FriendFeed. Once you’ve established an association between your TypePad account and your different social media accounts, follow these directions for sharing your posts with Twitter (and Facebook and FriendFeed):

Write your post as usual.

Check the box next to Twitter (and Facebook and FriendFeed) beneath Share This Post within the right sidebar of the New Post page.
Save/publish your post to Publish Your Latest Post to Twitter. Once the post is published, TypePad can send the permalink of the article to the accounts you checked.
make love yourself
you’ll not wish to tweet everything you post. Many of us prefer to tweet solely posts by others or posts they’ve written themselves. If it relates to a specific, current conversation. In those cases, you’ll be able to merely paste the permalink into your tweet, and Twitter can mechanically shorten the link via

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You’ve, in all probability, noticed that the tools I’ve suggested all use To shorten your URLs to Publish Your Latest Post on Twitter. It’s out and away from the original style URL-shortener, and I encourage you to do it out. The feature that produces is thus popular. I think, is that it permits you to line up an account with them and track what percentage of click-throughs your links receive. If you’re pursuing that information, you can get a simple plan that social media communities are consistently victimizing your data. You’ll be able to track that topics are more in style than others additionally. Once it involves information tracking, the chances are endless. is simply an extra tool for your arsenal.

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