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Write an Anonymous Blog: Building a weblog is one of the maximum worthwhile approaches to explicit yourself online and maybe an incredible 2d supply of income. However, many writers war with studying how to write a nameless weblog. After all, running a blog is set to sharing yourself with others.

Well, the solution is sure and no. Yes, being capable of proportioning yourself and your target market is a prime asset to any blogger. However, there are numerous times when running a blog anonymously is necessary. A few of those conditions include:

  • A weblog can gift expert risks if the records are exceedingly non-public, judgmental, emotional, or poorly edited.
  • Protect your non-public identification and records.
  • Freedom to explicit your reviews without being judged.
  • Creative and inventive freedom

If you’re seeking to create a nameless weblog, examine on and find out the seven good strategies used to weblog anonymously.

How to Write an Anonymous Blog

Hide Your IP Address (VPN)

It’s essential to cover your IP deal while posting any weblog content material online or registering your weblog. One way to protect your IP deal is to apply a digital non-public community.

A digital non-public community (VPN) offers you online privacy and anonymity with the aid of growing a non-public community from a public Net connection. VPNs mask your net protocol (IP) deal, so your online moves are surely untraceable. Most essential, VPN offerings set up steady and encrypted connections to offer more privacy than a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

I’ve used ExpressVPN for years, and feature had no difficulty with their provider, so it’s my visit advice for bloggers. However, there are numerous options. Whatever you do, do now no longer depend on an unfastened VPN.

Free VPN carriers want to cowl fees and flip a profit. Instead, they generate sales from their clients using hidden equipment and tricks. Using an unfastened VPN ought to truly make you much less secure online, the fee you extra than you know, and smash your whole net experience.

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Use an Anonymous Email Account to Write an Anonymous Blog

You can install an exceptionally nameless Gmail account, supplied you don’t deliver Google your actual call, location, birthday, or something else the quest massive asks for while you signal up (at the same time as the usage of a VPN, the Tor Browser, naturally).

It would help if you finally offered Google a few different figuring out techniques of contact, including a third-celebration electronic mail deal or a telecall smartphone number. With a telecall smartphone, you can use a burner or brief number. An app like Hushed or Burner works, or purchase a pre-paid molecular telecall smartphone and offer bogus non-public records if prompted.

Guerrilla Mail affords ephemeral messaging—disposable, brief electronic mail you could ship and receive—and it’s all unfastened. Technically, the deal you created will exist forever, even if you in no way use it again. Any messages received, handy at, most effective remaining one hour. You get a very scrambled electronic mail deal without problems copied to the clipboard without the issues. You can connect a report if it’s much less than 150MB in size or uses it to ship a person your extra Bitcoin. There’s a choice to use your very own area call as well. However, that’s now no longer genuinely preserving you beneath the radar. Coupled with the Tor browser, Guerilla Mail makes you nearly invisible.

An open-supply device for growing limitless electronic mail aliases, AnonAddy doesn’t shop any messages. It helps you make as many as 20 shared area aliases (like or an infinite quantity of trendy nicknames using “” for the deal. But you get loads extra in case you pay for the plans that begin at $1 in line with the month, like assist to your very own custom area call. It also gives Firefox, Chrome, Brave, and Vivaldi browser extensions.

Use an Anonymous Blogging Platform

One of the satisfactory approaches to make sure that your weblog is nameless is to create the usage of a nameless running a blog platform.

Suppose you do use a platform like WordPress. In that case, you have to don’t forget a provider’s usage, including hiding My WP, specially designed to shield your WordPress internet site from hackers and keep general anonymity.

Use a Pseudonym to Write an Anonymous Blog

Suppose you’re running a blog beneath neath your actual call. In that case, everybody aware of you may join your words – and desire of topic, and want of images, and passion of area call, and desire of factors to proportion to your business’s social media channels – with you. And decide you for it.

Choosing a fake call to your public writer personality is a storied literary tradition. Remember George Eliot, Mark Twain, and George Orwell? Yeah, now no longer their actual names. And the latest bestsellers Elena Ferrante, Sophie Kinsella, and E. L. James? They’ve all long gone the pseudonymous route.

 If you operate a pseudonym, don’t apply it to different offerings, as this may make it less complicated to hint you. This Random Name Generator will create one for you if you’re struggling.

Using Whois Privacy to Write an Anonymous Blog

When you buy a site call, you must produce contact info, like name, address, phone number, or email address. All this information is publicly accessible, and anyone can find it.

Several name suppliers supply a service known as Whois privacy to guard customers’ privacy. This service displays their contact information for a fee rather than yours. If somebody sends an email to the address shown on the WHOIS privacy page, it’ll be forwarded to you.

You’ll purchase domain privacy throughout the found out on most hosting companies. For example, Bluehost provides you a choice to do therefore during the signup.

Another excellent possibility is registering your domains with a registrar that gives free domain privacy. The only reasonable option (if you only want a personal domain name) is to use NameCheap.

Namecheap’s domain privacy service supplier doesn’t need your info to work. The service hides your contact details and replaces your actual email address with a singular anonymous email address that may turn as typically as you choose.

Limit Inclusion of private info

Managing an anonymous weblog doesn’t get any easier once you set it up. You’ll need to scan through each post before publication to ensure you’re not scrapping any details that may purpose you out. It includes wherever you live, physical characteristics, personal stories, and any of these tiny quarks that cause you to be unique.

This degree of discretion must be distributed across any media announcement on your blog. Your photos contain EXIF data with the phone’s whole & model, camera serial range for a few models, GPS coordinates if enabled, whether or not flash was used, focal length, etc.

Some websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Imgur take away EXIF before creating your photos public. Except for different websites (such as Flickr, Picassa, and Google+), you would like to get rid of your EXIF by yourself before uploading. The information won’t be published in conjunction with the image.

If you’re involved in maintaining your privacy as a blogger to Write an Anonymous Blog, it’s best to avoid promoting your content on social media. It’s doable to make whole distinctive accounts with counterfeit personal information, unique scientific discipline addresses, etc. However, this can be laborious to manage. If you want to market posts on AN anonymous blog, I’d create an (unknown) Fiverr account and pay somebody a few bucks to promote your posts sporadically.

Moderate weblog Comments to Write an Anonymous Blog

Once blogs get popular, the most issue becomes grappling with feedback. Most blogs have a comment section wherever guests are liberal to leave their opinions. Unfortunately, the comment section can even be put-upon by folks with malicious intent.

Since it’s doable to depart links during this section, a variety of fallacious links could be left in your pages and so cause a risk for you and your readers. In the comments section, readers with malicious intent may also expose your info. It would help if you always moderated the comment section, so you’ll defend yourself and your audience.

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